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Welcome to my world. I am an ordinary wife and mom who has been extraordinarily blessed by an amazing husband and house full of beautiful children. My prayer is that you will be somehow blessed by our family's story. It is a tale of God's grace and forgiveness...His loving kindness and patience with us His children as we strive & struggle everyday to bless His name with our lives

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sabbath and Pancakes

Even though we attend a Sunday service church now; we still look forward to our Sabbath (Saturday) every weekend. Sabbath is a gift to us. A day of rest. To me that means letting go for a day of the constant multitasking frenzy of my life. From sundown Friday night to sundown Sabbath I can let go of my "hurry". I can let the kids sleep in and play with the littles when they get up at crack of dawn. I can sit on the couch writing posts for my blog without feeling like I should be sorting dirty clothes. Mostly I can focus my thoughts on the Lord. Read His Word. I have the kind of time to spend Mike and the kids that is difficult to arrange the rest of the week. And I can make pancakes for breakfast. I can read a book when the kids nap. Here is a great quote from a book I really want to read. The book is called "King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus" by Timothy Keller.

<<“When Jesus says, “I am the Lord of the Sabbath, I can give you rest,” Jesus means that He is the Sabbath.

He is the source of the deep rest we need.

He has come to completely change the way we rest.

The one-day-a-week rest we take is just a taste of the deep divine rest we need — and Jesus is its source.”>> Timothy Keller

Isn't this great!?! Jesus/Yeshua is our rest! He is our big, forever peaceful, burden free, un-frenzied rest. Jesus our never stops at any sundown Sabbath.

Getting back to pancakes.....

Sabbath is about the only day I can imagine willingly dosing my children with sugar. It doesn't matter what form the sugar takes...organic pure maple sugar, honey, cheap syrup, Agave...it all has the same effect on my six little boys. First thing you notice is the volume of everything gets turned up. Pretty soon they are all doing gymnastics in the living room. Someone will surely bite someone else. They are happy. They are dancing. They are just super intense about everything after the powerful sugar drugging. Now, sometimes I am more healthy minded mama. "Healthy Minded Mama" only gives her kids pancakes served with unsweetened applesauce. But mostly on Sabbaths I like to live dangerously and give them their pancakes with syrup.

first batch....

Would you deny these faces the pure joy of real maple syrup on their pancakes?

This guy I can still "fool" with a plain bare naked pancake

Happy smiles with second and third helpings

Some folks just hit the sugar crash early. He may be mad someday that I put his fussy whining face on "stillwater" for all to see. But this blog is really a dairy of our family life. And this sad face is a big part of our life now. I love you Job. Your intenseness is all natural...no sugar needed. God will use you in BIG ways I know it!

And then there are those little people who are always ready with a smile... especially on pancake day

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Shannon- said...

He is our rest. Oh how I needed to hear and feel that today!