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Welcome to my world. I am an ordinary wife and mom who has been extraordinarily blessed by an amazing husband and house full of beautiful children. My prayer is that you will be somehow blessed by our family's story. It is a tale of God's grace and forgiveness...His loving kindness and patience with us His children as we strive & struggle everyday to bless His name with our lives

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reflections From An Ex Country Girl

I deeply miss our little farm. I most miss the watching of the sunrise. The eastern sky would flood with orange and pink light as I filled the clothes line with laundry washed the night before. Hanging out damp cold sheets and jeans was somehow made into worship. The world that early in the morning is a most private place. It seemed to be just the Lord and I. Alone, together. I ask Him between clothes pinning the flapping sheets..."What today Lord?"..."Will I hear the answer I've been seeking?... " Him answering in beauty and the still small/large voice..... "Seek ME first" "Rest in ME".." "See Me". Then later at evening...the time after dishes washed and PJs put on washed children...time for sun to set. Yet another glorious light show! Yah! Different in it's lusciousness every day's end. "Good night Lord."... "Thank You for this good and worthy day.".. "You are beautiful"... "You are Glory".. Sigh. Yes. He meets us wherever we are. Yes, His beauty is everywhere. In country, in village, in city. I just so loved the country though. The twenty acres of flat wheat land surrounding us with quiet...and an amazing first class seat everyday to sunrise and sunset. We for good reason became "townies", and said goodbye to the life in the country. It is all good and worth the loss of the front row seats to God's light and shadow show every morning and evening. I do so miss meeting Him though; when the world is LARGE with horizon and it feels like it is just He and I. It was a clarity and truth that I discover harder to "see" in town. I know it must be me. God is still the same "I Am" everywhere. If you live in town and have no sunrise or sunset to see. If you live in city and see little or no nature. If you live in prison and see only concrete. God is still "I Am". I know His beauty is the same when it is easy to see Him surrounding you in nature. I should not grieve the country when I KNOW He is the same here in the city. One really cool thing about God is that we can talk with Him where ever whenever, no matter the circumstances. Thank you God for the precious times I had with You when I was spoiled rotten with wide open space and horizon and quiet and light shows every day. And thank you most of all that You are everywhere and in every thing.

Okay...so I miss country life. You will understand this post better understanding that I am a former country girl who is sad for the loss of livestock and the living in the day by day "circle of life".... Forgive my post devoted to waterfowl. This kinda stuff thrills me...ducks, chicks, the birds showing back up to the feeders out back..


A few years ago shortly after we moved from "country" to "city" we were visited one early spring day by pair of mallard ducks we named "Clark" and "Marty" after our most ever favorite movie series "Love Comes Softly" and it's main characters...Marti and Clark. This adorable mallard pair now shows up every year soon after Mike opens opens up the pool. I assume it is same ducks? They look the same. We just look out one spring morning and there they are! Marty and Clark frolicking in our freshly opened in ground pool.

The kids and I are always so excited to see them come back. Mike is a bit less excited as he is one to clean the pool.

They aren't too scared of us. At least they don't fly away when I rush outside to take their picture and put some ducky food of bread crumbs or grain in pie plate near the pool. Our dog doesn't even bark at them. He must remember Clark and Marti too.

I have imagined a totally wonderful and touching duck love story. Two mallards who first met as young duck teens. Then a promise made to mate for life. Now, this sweet couple together all these years. They return every year from the south to the same northern town and neighborhood near a river. They visit daily our "cement pond" for some rest and a swim before flying over the fence to whatever weedy spot in a neighbor's yard they have built a nest. Clark standing watch nearby as Marti fluffs and turns to keep her egg duckys-to-be just the right warmth. Then one day a few weeks later they stop coming to visit our pool. I like to imagine they raised their batch of ducklings down near the brush of the river.



A few days ago I was outside and saw Mama Marti waddle through the neighbors open gate with ducklings following along behind her at just as a fast a waddle. They were so quick. They were making a beeline for the street. Then before I could weigh trying to herd them into our back yard...they were in street, across street and headed down the 3 blocks to busy busy street. I was still weighing just how mad Mike would be to come home to find duck family (with lots of wet messy duck poo) in his city back yard. I knew it was a "no no". But maybe a duck rescue? Catch them in box and transport to river..? But sadly now they were too far away. Too fast and too far. I couldn't see them anymore walking along the side of street. I just like to think Mama Marti took them into another yard with nice weedy spot to hide...maybe another yard with cement pond? I like to think Marti will be back next spring with Clark. I will pray she takes her ducklings east towards the river rather than west to the busy busy street. Circle of life.

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