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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

We have A Mother's Day tradition that is cheap, fun, and meaningful. On Mother's Day we take the kids to a plant nursery to choose a flower for mom. My favorite nursery is "Beaver Bark". I could walk around in there all day long. Time stands still for me once I'm in the doors of that place. They even have a coffee bar..so no reason to ever leave. What they do not have is shopping carts that are child friendly. So off to Fred Meyers we went.

This is my "Mother's Day" gift.The kids all choose a small bedding flower and then we go home and plant them in a whiskey barrel planter. It is perfection. I love to see how it all winds up looking when all the flowers are married into one beautiful bouquet of a garden. Kinda like our family...hence the "meaningful" part of this tradtions

Okay...how long has it been since I mentioned I love this man? I am sure walking around a plant nursery while "littles" choose one of thousands of plants to give to mommy is NOT his idea of a fun Sunday afternoon.

How did Solly know I LOVE Zinnias?!

Everything is an adventure when you are this age. So fun to get to choose a flower for mommy!

It is so pretty looking it must be edible it what Jarib is thinking.,,

I want to see how crowded this is (and lovely in it's abundance)in about a month to 6 weeks from now! I will share photo then...

Planting helpers

My little man Berhanu insisted on a watermelon plant for his choice of flower for mom. I went ahead and planted it in back of barrel. Maybe it will grow out far and wide on cement below?

My Mother's Day Garden 2011


petersonclan said...

Beautiful idea, Jullee! I love it!

McKeatings said...

I love this idea. It brings you and others joy, plus it has meaning beyond just a flower in a pot. Very poetic!