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Welcome to my world. I am an ordinary wife and mom who has been extraordinarily blessed by an amazing husband and house full of beautiful children. My prayer is that you will be somehow blessed by our family's story. It is a tale of God's grace and forgiveness...His loving kindness and patience with us His children as we strive & struggle everyday to bless His name with our lives

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Long Blogless Summer

It has been 3 mos since I last posted! Why? I have no idea why I have dropped out of blogger land. Busy. Felt like there was nothing I wanted to share? Mostly just busy. I think blogging is a habit and once you get out of it...it seems like too much trouble. But i really want this blog to be something to share our lives and something for our children for memories sake.

I hate my blog design now. It looks kinda dark and depressing. First thing I wanna brighten it up. Make it more cheerful. I have of course forgotten everything i so painfully learned about blog design. Until I can re educate myself in blog design and redo it, I will at least post some updates and photos of our summer. It was a full one.

Mmmmm. Maybe I will pay someone to redesign my blog. The amount of hours i would need to relearn all the steps i have to make to do it myself would be better spent elsewhere. Anyone have any recommendations for blog designers...rather cheap and with trendy hip ideas and taste?


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ESolgos said...

Julee, I know there are designers who will do your blog for a reasonable cost and then they donate the money to orphan causes... I'll have to get back to you with specifics! Glad you're back because you are an inspiration!