A sparrow when I'm broken, and eagle when I fly.....

Welcome to my world. I am an ordinary wife and mom who has been extraordinarily blessed by an amazing husband and house full of beautiful children. My prayer is that you will be somehow blessed by our family's story. It is a tale of God's grace and forgiveness...His loving kindness and patience with us His children as we strive & struggle everyday to bless His name with our lives

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Sorry for the disappearing act. I have been in a funk. I keep trying to write an eloquent post but creativity is escaping me...so here is a update from the last month. I got home from Ethiopia Dec 19th safe and sound (minus my luggage though, it made it home a week ago) I came home from Africa just in time to miss the worst travel weather ever as the northwest was hit with TONS of snow and freezing temperatures. Roza and Mulu came home from Job Core for Christmas which was awesome. They had to grab a Greyhound in small windows of time when the mountain passes were open. Their orthodontist made a special trip to his office to adjust their braces and they made it back through the passes to get back to school on time after Christmas.

Our Christmas was quiet....just the way we like it! We ate a homemade Chinese food feast, our holiday favorite. The roads were so bad we couldn't go to church or do the extended family visits, but that was okay. I did miss seeing adult kids and grand kids but plan for visits with them soon. I think the weather is only this bad every ten years or so. We decided to enjoy the forced solitude. Thanks to Wishing Star and Jefferson School we had some wonderful gifts to open. All the kids had a new outfit and shoes and a toy to play with. Our generous Wishing Star sponsors Mary Anne and Jim moved mountains to get our gifts to us by Christmas. They even enlisted a Fed Ex Santa! Five of our children attend Jefferson Elementary School. Different people "adopted" different kids in our family from the "Angel" tree at school and while I was still in Ethiopia many gifts were delivered. Our children were overjoyed with all their gifts and the outfits and shoes were a HUGE God-send. Thank you everyone!

We don't buy much at all (or anything some years!) for Christmas presents. We try to make each child's birthday special, but at Christmas and Hanukkah time just don't have enough money for many gifts. We do have some fun traditions though. At Christmas time we like to go out to eat. The only other time we EVER do this is when we do a readoption for child in U.S. court system and go out to celebrate. We always go to Ole Country Buffet. The kids may eat anything they want. I had to stay home with Maggie this year but the rest of the family had a blast. Do you think going out to eat only once a year is often enough to teach children how to behave in a restaurant? I am hoping it is!

We also plan for "family gift" to go to out to see a movie on the BIG SCREEN! Mike took the teen kids to Benjamin Button and I later took "littles" to Tale of Desperoux. Both movies were wonderful. But I am NEVER taking Maggie to a movie again. Every time we have ever tried she just comes undone as soon as the lights go out. Maybe it is just too much stimulation? Who knows. It just isn't worth it to put her through it. Poor girls cries bitterly whenever she is left behind. She knows when she is missing out on something. But some things are just too very hard for her. She had to stay home from Ole Country Buffet because we couldn't get wheelchair through snow.

This year Mike planned a new fun thing for a "gift" for kids. He took them to the Dollar store and let them chose five things! (next time I am think $3 would be enough) They all agreed it was the "most funnest, beery best fun thing in the wooorld"

Snow and ice are all gone and kids are back in school. I need to start walking again everyday and dragging myself out of bed in time for a date with the Lord before family rises...Hopefully the "funk" I'm in will lighten up. I seem to be living in the past too much. My heart and head is on last year this time with Jonathan still here and all the stuff he lived through. I pray our new baby boy's pass court the first time...Jan 21st and will be home soon! That would help the greatest sort of "funk" to lift!

Don't forget...God is always good, even when life doesn't feel good.

Bye for now....More to come (promise!)
P.S. Please pray for Sage and Steve's court date for their waiting 4 yr old daughter in Ethiopia which is happening tomorrow! Pray tonight as when we are going to bed..the judges and court folk are getting up in Ethiopia. Sage is my new goodest friend who I got to meet and bond with on my trip to Ethiopia recently.

P.S.S. If Sage's daughter passes court this week, and our boys pass court next week....well then...Sage and I could maybe travel together again. THAT would be cool.

P.S.S.S. Jody...you lovely young wife and mommy who is my darling daughter-in-law Holly's friend....you are a blessing! Can't wait to meet you someday.


sageluv said...

You and Mike have a wonderful way of being Mom and Dad!!! I feel so blessed by YOU!


Barbara. said...

So glad you are back. I love reading your words. Remember, grief is a spiral, let your body and soul have this funk. You don't have to rush out of it. Embrace it for the gift that it is. That being said, my still small voice always says to me that my funk is a call to get outside and be physically active. A walk with an eye out for any small beauty always lifts me.
Thanks so much for the stories from Addis.
global love,
Barbara in WV
waiting for three at KM

Jennifer said...

I hope you got my email, thank you so much for your email re: Ahope and my twins. I am so happy to hear that Sage passed court and will be thinking of your court date next! Your boys will be home before you know it!