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Monday, May 4, 2009

Adoptive Mom's Retreat

It was awesome!! I am blown away with the special surprise of a TOTALLY awesome time at the retreat. I sure wish I knew how to link the place we stayed there. I will enlist the help of teen son who is tech savvy to show me how to link the site to my posts here. It is called Mountain River Lodge and it was so very perfect there. More on that later. I was stressed and ill prepared for my talks but they went okay. The very nicest thing was just how wonderful it was to hang out all weekend with a group of Jesus loving, God fearing, and spirit following fellow adoptive moms. I found myself surrounded by a lovely group of women who were like me! It was so extremely fun and pure joy. I had no idea how much I needed it and how very wonderful it was to be around like-minded people. Maybe you all don't realize that many think Mike and I are crazy or weird or just too far out there....too be normal people. I was SOO ministered too by the women this weekend. Worship times were meaningful and the food was gourmet. It was so very beautiful there too. I took a few opportunities to walk alone along the river and into the forest. Oh my gosh. I can't wait till next year cus I plan on going NO MATTER WHAT. The retreat was put on by Adoption Ministry which is who facilitated our Jonathan's adoption. I also met a lot of moms who have adopted through Youth For Christ. These were mom's who have foster-adopted. What a blessing all these precious mothers are. I learned a lot and now find myself just filled up and recharged. Thank you Lord



Sandee said...

Sounds heavenly! Wish they had one in my neck of the woods!

Did you know anyone before you went? I am always chicken going and not knowing anyone.

Julee said...

I just knew the Adoption Ministry director Joy Casey who facilitated our Jonathans adoption. But after a few hours it felt like they all were my est friends!

sageluv said...

PLEASE, PLEASE tell me when I can register for next year!!! I SOOOO want to go with YOU!

Zimmerman family said...

I want to go next year too. I guess you met someone from our neck of the woods who I talked to at MOPs today. She had a great time and said I should go next year too. I would love to go!!

Laurel said...

What fun! Tell me more ! I want to go!

Crazy that you mention Joy Casey ... if she is from the Tacoma/Puyallup area, I think we knew her years ago. We moved to Whatcom County 10 years ago, but I know that I know that name.

You also mentioned moms adopting through Youth For Christ. If it's in Tacoma, we were great friends with one of the guys that started the foster/adopt ministry there, and we know Jeff Clare who runs it now.

Too fun! Seriously, I would love to go, if it's not limited to any particular group of adoptive moms.


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