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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Missing my baby boys....

....and I get to go visit them again! I have the world's best husband. Thanks be to Mike and God for making the way for me to go visit our little lambs in Ethiopia again. It has been as hard as we imagined to be away from our little guys. It is always a loooong hard wait to bring home an adopted child. Meeting them face to face and then leaving them indefinitely is just plain agony. The good news on the adoption front is that Gezehegn has been moved to Wanna and into AAI's care. As long as Gezehegn's paperwork is in order then his case can be added without delay to Assefa's and both of them submitted to court soon. We are praying to be in "Group D" and our cases submitted to court in January. That means they may be home by early spring.....like in March. There are just too many variables to guess with any certainty when they will home for sure. Because we are concerned about Assefa's health and mostly because we MISS them so much and want one of us at least to go hold and love on them....I get to go visit for two weeks. I leave December 2 and get back home the 19th. God bless Kayla our adult daughter staying here to help with the kids when I am gone. There is no way this could happen without her. Please pray for Assefa's continued health improvement, we are mostly concerned about the lung issues. Praises that his CD4 count was excellent! Very, very impressive for an HIV+ infant. This is the most excellent kind of news. Please remember to pray for Gezehegn as he adjusts to a new environment at Wanna house. He was doing so well at the Gladney home and I just know he must be missing his former caregivers and friends and wondering just where he is now.

It may seem like a lot of money to spend just to go visit the babies and hang out in the orphanages. Mike and I know we would do the same for any one of our children....and these two guys are already our children even if not so on paper yet.

thankfully counting the days till I snuggle my new baby boys again


Carolyn T said...

That is so incredible for you and the boys! How awesome to have the opportunity!
Blessings as you return to ET...I wish to heaven I was going...to see my 2 BIG babies!

Signe said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you. What a wonderful time to spend with your boys, and all of the other beautiful children waiting for their parents. May God richly bless this time for you.


Karleen said...

We will arrive in Addis the 15th, and will be at the Addis Kidane guest house. We hope to make it to Opportunity House, so maybe we will see you there!


Audrey said...

That's awesome Julee! I am so excited for you - and how fortunate for the little ones!