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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cuteness & Sugar Overload/Jarib's 2nd Birthday

There is tons of photos on this blog. "Little's" birthdays are so much fun simply must take tons of photos...just want to share the joy with you. If you can hold out to the end there is a surprise. A WONDERFUL blessing for Jarib and the culmination of months of paperwork and dealing with insurance. Praise the Lord!

Judah showing how yummy the frosting is on his tongue

Daddy likes Mommy's cupcakes too

Solomon and Towabech

Miriam and Meseret


Tamar MyHao

Happiness is the biggest ball..

Jarib loves balls. He also still calls everything "round" a ball...like an orange, globe,a Brussel sprout. But real balls are just the best all time toy. They roll, bounce are even mostly squishy and colorful. For Jarib's birthday we bought over a dozen balls of varying size and a small child wading pool to hold them. They a winner!

Any toy for any of the three little boys is a "shared" toy. Stress and screaming reigns unless there is at least three of any given play thing. So, the balls are shared; thrown at windows and each other; played with in pool and bath tub; and at times slept with like a favored "lovey".

The best is last here. A few weeks ago Jarib's new wheelchair was delivered. It is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen. From the first time Jarib sat in it he knew exactly how to make it work. He can crawl up into chair himself and buckle his sea belt. It has changed his life! He gets ALL over in house. Though the hard wood floors are easier for speed,he does fine moving on the rug. He LOVES playing (speeding around) on the cement and sidewalks outside...though he isn't able to get far in grass. Jarib loves to "dance" to music in his chair and to play the "twirl around" game where he spins the chair faster and faster around in circle. We are so happy for him!


Barbara. said...

So great! Reminds me of when Jordan was three and LOVED balls. She had a collection of all sizes and colors. Every night at dinner, for a whole year, when each person said something they were thankful for, she would say, "Balls!" Usually with glee, but even on the few nights she was not very happy about something, she would quietly say "Balls." She's been on the high school volleyball and lacrosse teams for three years now, so I guess she is still grateful for balls. Thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

He looks adorable in his wheelchair! and I can't believe your other son is so big, compared to when I took those photos for you in ET.

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