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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Partying the Night Away: Part 2

I had a great email version of the second part of the big night out but it went off into Internet land never to be seen again. I am just going to highlight the best parts my second try....

The food was wonderful and such a feast. No way we could eat it all but we sure tried. The dancing started as we ordered and all through our meal and coffee ceremony after dinner. There was a group of dancers male and female who danced traditional dances from all the major tribes in Ethiopia as well as a few modern dances. There were also several singers and musicians using traditional Ethiopian instruments. The dancers changed their costumes many times throughout the evening to reflect the kind of clothes worn by the tribe they were reflecting. Traditional dancing is very popular here and is on the TV a lot. Towards the end the dancers came out into audience to dance for tables individually.

I would have paid a $1000 for our Ethiopian daughters to see this show! The meal for all five of us adult plus two children was $46 or 4600 birr. In the U.S. I would expect to pay $3-400 at least for such an experience. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone coming here for adoption or something else to check out this place.

Later I will tell of our experience meeting the groups of adopting parents at this restaurant with their new babies. PLEASE people, obey and respect the rules implemented by the government officials here in Ethiopia. When you don't you are jeopardizing future adoptions here! More on this subject later

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